Zprávy České botanické společnosti

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(Bulletin of the Czech Botanical Society)

In this journal, papers on various aspects of botany, mostly floristic records, identification keys to critical taxa, and results of vegetation analyses in the Czech Republic, are published in Czech or Slovak (with English summaries). Reports on various activities of the Society, book reviews, and anniversaries or obituaries of Society members are also published.

This publication is available at the digital archive of the Moravian Library in Brno

  • 1966-1993 (published as Zprávy Československé botanické společnosti = Bulletin of the Czechoslovak Botanical Society)
  • since 1994


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Volume 56
Year Issue Page Author(s) Title
2021 1 1 Jiří Danihelka, David Hlisnikovský Gleanings from iron ore heaps in northern Moravia and Silesia (north-eastern Czech Republic) I.: Linaria odora and Silene csereii
2021 1 17 Pavel Dřevojan, Pavel Novák, Jan Doležal, Kryštof Chytrý, Helena Prokešová, Vojtěch Sedláček, Dominik Zukal Commented phytosociological relevés from the Czech Republic 5
2021 1 31 Pavel Lustyk, Jan Doležal Additions to the flora of the Czech Republic - XIX