Conference CBS 2021: Large-scale Biodiversity Conservation and Restoration

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Ivana Jongepierová

Attention - postponement of the conference, for more info: 

The Czech Botanical Society, in cooperation with the Slovak Botanical Society, the Nature Conservation Agency of the Czech Republic and Masaryk University, will be holding a conference titled Large-scale Biodiversity Conservation and Restoration on 27–28 November 2021 at the campus of Masaryk University, Kamenice 753/ 5, 625 00 Brno-Bohunice.

The conference will present the results of botanical research from large-scale landscape and biodiversity restoration projects.
The conference will deal with the significance of large-scale projects for botanic research and its results. The different thematic blocks will concentrate on the protection of flora and vegetation in Central-European regions, particularly dry grasslands, but to a lesser extent also alpine and subalpine habitats, watercourses, wetlands and forests. 
The programme will include results from research by colleagues from other countries, namely Slovakia, Germany and Hungary, dealing with the restoration of dry grasslands and shifting sands. 

Partners: Slovak Botanical Society, Nature Conservation Agency of the Czech Republic, Masaryk University

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