Instructions for authors

Preslia is a peer-reviewed scientific journal publishing original research papers on plant systematics, morphology, phytogeography, ecology and vegetation science, with a geographical focus on central Europe. The journal was founded in 1914 and named in honour of brothers Jan Svatopluk Presl (1791–1849) and Karel Bořivoj Presl (1794–1852), outstanding Bohemian botanists.


For more informations and archive of volumes see Preslia is also available at The Digital Library of the Czech Academy of Sciences.

Warning: Pirated websites of scientific journals, including those targeting Preslia, have recently appeared on the Internet. If you wish to submit a paper to the Preslia journal please follow instructions from the official website

The emails (“call for papers”) that are being distributed in the name of Preslia are spam and do not have anything to do with the journal. We strongly advice you not to pay anything to the cheaters distributing these emails.

Publication of articles in the print version of the journal is free of charge, page charges may be required for publishing of papers exceeding 20 printed pages. Publication costs are never required at the time of submission.

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