Peucedanum austriacum subsp. austriacum and Peucedanum austriacum subsp. rablense - two taxa new to the Czech Republic

Milan Marek, Martin Lepší, Petr Lepší

Peucedanum austriacum subsp. austriacum is reported from the Czech Republic for the first time. The newly discovered population consists of ca 15,000 individuals and occurs in a semi-natural open ravine forest near Český Krumlov (South Bohemia). The origin of the locality is discussed in detail but remains unknown — both accidental introduction and native occurrence are possible. All literature records about the occurrence of Paustriacum s. l. in the Czech Republic are revised and are considered dubious. The only exception is a report from the 19th century about a temporary occurrence of the species near Hlubočepy (Prague). This record is based on a herbarium specimen which comprises an individual of Paustriacum subsp. rablense. This taxon has not been accepted in recent botanical compendia of the Czech flora. Peucedanum austriacum subsp. rablense was introduced either deliberately or accidentally at the locality near Hlubočepy. We describe the morphology of Paustriacum s. l. in comparison with similar species and provide brief information on its variability, ecology and distribution. A local distribution map of the species near Český Krumlov, photographs of herbarium specimens, plants in situ and line drawings of the species are included.