Preslia 93/1 (2021)

Preslia 93/1 - cover


The last monothematic issue of the Preslia journal is focused on the project Pladias (Plant Diversity Analysis and Synthesis Centre).

The main goal of the project was creating of an extensive database of critically revised data on Czech flora and vegetation. The database is available at on the public portal And it is continuously updated also after the end of the Pladias project.

Preslia 92/4 (2020)

Preslia 92/4 - cover


Latest issue of the journal Preslia 92/4 (2020) was published at the end of the year 2020.

The issue is available both on the website and in hard copy.

Preslia, The Journal of the Czech Botanical Society is published with financial support from the Czech Academy of Sciences. Subscription for Vol. 92, 2020 (4 issues) € 100 incl. postage.