Additions to the flora of the Czech Republic. XII.

Jiří Hadinec, Pavel Lustyk

The twelfth part of floristic contributions includes newly published data of critically endangered species and data unpublished so far. Data of taxa newly discovered on the territory of the Czech Republic (Buglossoides incrassata subsp. incrassataBincrassata subsp. splitgerberiFestuca pseudodalmaticaSorbus barrandienica and Somissa) and data of alien species found in the Czech Republic for the first time (Bromus bromoideusCotula coronopifoliaEuphorbia prostrata and bamboo Pleioblastus chino) are summarised. Furthermore, critically endangered species (according to the Red List of Vascular Plants of the Czech Republic) are reported from new sites (e.g. Agropyron pectinatumArabis nemorensisCalamagrostis strictaCardamine parvifloraCarex chordorrhizaCarlina acaulis subsp. caulescensCleistogenes serotinaCorrigiola littoralisDrosera intermediaEpipactis moravicaErica tetralixFilago lutescensHerniaria hirsutaJuncus gerardiiListera cordataLycopodiella inundataMyosotis stenophyllaOrchis morioOrnithopus perpusillusPolycnemum arvensePmajusPotentilla rupestrisSalix myrsinifoliaTillaea aquatica and Urtica kioviensis). Finally, less rare and threatened species are reported from areas where they had not been recorded yet (Cephalanthera longifoliaEpipactis microphyllaLeersia oryzoidesPhegopteris connectilisPyrola mediaStellaria palustris). Examination of herbarium material of alien grasses revealed six species new to the Czech Republic: Chloris pectinataChdivaricataEleusine coracana subsp. coracanaEtristachyaLeptochloa decipiens subsp. peacockii and Ldivaricatissima. These all occurred in this country as casuals, most of them introduced with wool of Australian origin. In contrast, re-identification of herbarium vouchers has showed that the following species were mentioned in the literature for the Czech Republic erroneously: Chloris radiataEnteropogon acicularis (syn.: Chloris acicularis), Eriochloa punctataLeptochloa panicea s.l. (incl. Lmucronata and Lfiliformis) and Sporobolus indicus. No specimen of Chloris pycnothrix was seen in the studied herbarium material, so that the occurrence of this species in the Czech Republic is doubtful.