Preslia 93/4 (2021)

Contact person
Romana Štěpánková


New issue of the journal Preslia was published. It is the last one issue distributed as hard copy. Starting with issue 1 of 2022, Preslia will be published in the Gold Open Access regime.


Urfus T., Kopecký M., Urfusová R. & Chrtek J.
Whole genome duplication increases ecological niche breadth of the perennial herb Urtica dioica

Trávníček B., Sochor M., Kosiński P. & Király G.
Taxonomy of the Rubus gothicus group in south-eastern central Europe

Kirschner J., Štěpánek J., Kamińska M., Trávníček P., Trejgell A. & Vončina G.
The reassessment of Taraxacum pieninicum reveals polyploidy, agamospermy and a substantial range extension

Filep R., Lengyel A., Cook B. J., Farkas Á., Nagy K., Nagy D. U., Imri Á., Czakó-Vér K. & Pal R. W.
Helianthus tuberosus at home and away: stronger ecological impacts in invaded than in native range are not explained by arbuscular mycorrhizal colonization

Urfusová R., Mahelka V., Krahulec F., Veškrna O. & Urfus T.
The mentor effect increases the rate of selfing in couch grasses

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