Zprávy České botanické společnosti

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(Bulletin of the Czech Botanical Society)

In this journal, papers on various aspects of botany, mostly floristic records, identification keys to critical taxa, and results of vegetation analyses in the Czech Republic, are published in Czech or Slovak (with English summaries). Reports on various activities of the Society, book reviews, and anniversaries or obituaries of Society members are also published.

This publication is available at the digital archive of the Moravian Library in Brno

  • 1966-1993 (published as Zprávy Československé botanické společnosti = Bulletin of the Czechoslovak Botanical Society)
  • since 1994


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Pište klíčová slova a vyberte je.
Volume 53
Year Issue Page Author(s) Title
2018 2 375 Pavol Eliáš st. Role of bait sites in the spread of alien plants in a (forest) landscape
Volume 52
Year Issue Page Author(s) Title
2017 1 1 Michal Ducháček, Petr Batoušek, Jiří Brabec, Pavel Kúr, Richard Višňák Cochlearia danica – a alien species new to the Czech Republic
2017 1 9 Jiří Danihelka, Vojtěch Sedláček Astragalus sulcatus in southern Moravia, Czech Republic
2017 1 19 Jiří Malíček, Rudolf Hlaváček, Milan Marek Rare plants of rock complexes in the Middle Vltava Region (Central Bohemia)
2017 1 37 Jiří Hadinec, Pavel Lustyk Additamenta ad floram Republicae Bohemicae. XV.
2017 2 155 Jiří Danihelka, Kryštof Chytrý, Helena Prokešová, Vojtěch Sedláček Asparagus verticillatus locally naturalised in south Moravia (SE Czech Republic)
2017 2 163 David Horák, Tomáš Vymyslický, Zdeněk Musil, Jan Bureš Gagea bohemica subsp. saxatilis in the Czech Republic
2017 2 175 Lucie Kobrlová The genus Symphytum (Comfrey) in the Czech Republic II. S. officinale agg.
2017 2 225 Lucie Kobrlová, Michal Hroneš The genus Symphytum L. (Comfrey) in the Czech Republic III. Introduced and cultivated species
2017 2 249 Pavel Dřevojan, Pavel Novák, Karel Boublík, Pavel Lustyk, Dominik Zukal Commented phytosociological relevés from the Czech Republic 2
2017 2 261 Pavel Kovář Thermophilous grasslands in Bohemia reconsidered – thread through Prague botanical school
Volume 51
Year Issue Page Author(s) Title
2016 1 1 Blanka Brandová, Radim Jan Vašut Salix myrtilloides in the Czech Republic and Slovakie: notes on the current distribution and protection of the species
2016 1 13 Jiří Uher Corydalis cheilanthifolia - a new casual alien plant in the Czech Republic and the history of its introduction to Europe
2016 1 21 Petr Lepší Asplenium × woynarianum - a new hybrid for the Czech Republic
2016 1 29 Jiří Hadinec, Pavel Lustyk Additions to the flora of the Czech Republic. XIV.
2016 2 189 Pavel Dřevojan, Dominik Roman Letz Amaranthus emarginatus - a new species to the flora of the Czech Republic and notes on its occurrence in Slovakia, Hungary and Austria
2016 2 211 Libor Ekrt Polystichum setiferum rediscovered for the flora of the Czech Republic
2016 2 221 Lucie Kobrlová, Michal Hroneš, Bohumil Trávníček The genus Symphytum (comfrey) in the Czech Republic. I. S. tuberosum agg.
2016 2 257 Pavel Dřevojan, Pavel Novák, Jiří Sádlo Commented phytosociological relevés from the Czech Republic. 1.
2016 2 269 Jarmila Kubíková Thermophilous grasslands in Bohemia - scarlet thread through Prague botanical studies
Volume 50
Year Issue Page Author(s) Title
2015 1 1 Milan Marek, Martin Lepší, Petr Lepší Peucedanum austriacum subsp. austriacum and Peucedanum austriacum subsp. rablense - two taxa new to the Czech Republic
2015 1 23 Jiří Hadinec, Pavel Lustyk Additions to the flora of the Czech Republic. XIII.
2015 1 131 Pavel Kovář Floristic records in the Českomoravské mezihoří hills from excursions of the Department of Botany, Charles University Prague from 1990s
2015 1 149 Jiří Zázvorka Josef Holub´s herbarium collection
2015 2 165 Petr Pokorný, Vlasta Jankovská, Ivan Horáček Bohemian Hercynides versus Western Carpathians: A crucial biogeographic boundary of Europe during the last glacial epoch