Lišejníky zaznamenané během bryologicko-lichenologického setkání v Mohelně na Třebíčsku na jaře 2016

Jiří Malíček, Franz Berger, František Bouda, Rainer Cezanne, Marion Eichler, Josef P. Halda, Thomas Langbehn, Zdeněk Palice, Jaroslav Šoun, Petr Uhlík & Jan Vondrák

We present a list of 405 lichenized, lichenicolous and lichen-allied fungi recorded on the famous rocky steppe with a serpentinite bedrock called Mohelenská hadcová step and at other localities in the Třebíč region. The steppe was visited regularly by lichenologists during the last 100 years. We confirmed many valuable historical records (e.g. Caloplaca conversa, Harpidium rutilans, Lecanora laatokkaënsis, Lichinella stipatula, Spilonema paradoxum, Toninia cinereovirens) and added several new ones (e.g. Catillaria atomarioides, Lemmopsis arnoldiana, Peccania cernohorskyi and Phaeophyscia pusilloides). A smaller serpentinite site in the surroundings, called Dukovanský mlýn, is also valuable due to the occurrence of a few rare species (Belonia russula, Porpidia nadvornikiana and Rinodina rinodinoides). Other surveyed sites included castle ruins Templštejn with neighbouring granulite rocks and natural oak forests, and Levnov, the type locality of the cyanolichen Pterygiopsis umbilicata occurring on Ca-enriched granulite rocks below the ruin. Our list also includes epiphytic lichens recorded during a detailed survey in a lowland forest at the Lamberk castle ruin in the valley of the river Oslava. One day of research by four lichenologists in a one-hectare plot resulted in findings of 153 epiphytic and epixylic species. Numerous rare and rarely collected crustose lichens were recorded, for example Arthonia endlicheri, Bacidia incompta, B. laurocerasi, Biatora pontica, Buellia violaceofusca, Chaenotheca hispidula, Dendrographa decolorans and Enterographa hutchinsiae.

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